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Exploring the US market with StructrPro

The US structured product market has grown very strongly over the last few years. Sales volumes, number of products and the universe...

FTSE Autocalls - plotting the recovery

This study continues the analysis we did recently (15 April 2020 and also published on our hub) looking at the effect on UK structured...

UK structured products protect capital in 2020

This piece of analysis looks at stock market falls and volatility in early 2020 and examines how UK structured products have fared as...

FVC UK structured product performance study

FVC produced its first in depth report on structured product performance a year ago and we have now updated it to the end of 2019....

Reverse convertibles: preferring fixed income

Despite losing ground to Auto-calls as the high yield structured product of choice, Reverse Convertibles retain decent market share....

Defensive and step down auto-calls

Auto-calls remain very popular in most structured products markets. When this product type first appeared the most common treatment...

Selection of international structured products

Retail structured products are issued all around the world and they can be linked to different underlyings, vary in currency and...

Structured Edge quarterly report Q3 2019

The Structured Edge research service has now published its regular quarterly report for the UK structured product market.


The use of smart beta in structured products

ETFs have been consistently taking market share on mutual funds as lower cost passive investments. ETFs typically track indices as...

How long dated structured products work

In most retail structured products markets long dated products can be defined to be those longer than six years. There are certain...

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