Launch of Ascend PRIIPs KID solution

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Launch of Ascend PRIIPs KID solution

Future Value Consultants and Vox Financial Partners announce the launch of a powerful service for Structured Products analytics and documentation. SEI + Opal: Ascend has been created to meet smaller ticket size, higher volumes, and faster documentation turnaround needs of structured products market

Addressing the PRIIPs KID market

FVC is a company well known for structured products analytics (StructuredEdgeI), modelling and research. One of its flagship solutions is its structured product stress testing service which has had many active banking and distributor clients since 2015. This service allows a wide range of structured products of different asset classes and payoffs to be stress tested under different assumptions and scenarios. The same engine also performs PRIIPs calculations in accordance with the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) to perform risk, performance and cost calculations.

Vox FP is a global consulting firm that supports financial institutions in the planning, resourcing, and delivery of complex regulatory change. They help clients manage change in an increasingly complex market through their high-quality, skilled specialists. For more information see Vox FP have also created Opal, a modern, easy-to-use software platform that streamlines the production of complex documents. The platform integrates with existing applications and workflows to automate the construction of detailed, richly-styled documents built from templates created in Microsoft Word.

Best of breed joint solution

Ascend combines StructuredEdgeI, FVC’s proven PRIIPs calculation platform, with Opal, Vox Financial Partners’ powerful document generation platform, to deliver a robust unified solution that automates structured products document generation, providing:

PRIIPs analytics and KID templates for a wide range of products and markets
Full calculation and simulation methodology
Calculation results integrated directly into the KID
Automatic generation of detailed, richly-styled documents
Branded, customizable PRIIPs KID templates
Automation of related documents, such as term sheets or marketing collateral

The partnership gives clients access to proven technology and specialist skills from two experienced teams. Ascend enables straight-through processing for detailed structured products documentation via one API. It integrates real-time calculations with pre-defined, customisable templates built using a Microsoft Word-based template author.

Benefits of Ascend

Using Ascend, structured products manufacturers are able to automate documentation with robust data validation and error handling via one simple API, accelerating new product development while controlling costs.

Tim Mortimer, Managing Director at FVC, said: “Our integrated technology platform incorporates decades of expertise in the structured product market. Ascend allows clients to reduce cost, increase capacity, and improve control – so they can focus on expansion of their core business. We are delighted to add strong documentation capabilities alongside our analytics to achieve this. Our developers have worked with our colleagues at Vox to integrate our solutions which can be positioned for existing clients of both companies. We believe we have a cutting-edge solution backed by a wealth of experience. Both our systems place a high emphasis on transparency and support, with regression and verification tools that help our clients manage the realities of having to produce accurate analytics and faultless documents at large scale.”

Terry Robinson, Chief Executive Officer of Vox, said: “Both companies have a solid track record of being extremely flexible and creative organisations that translate innovative ideas into working solutions. Nothing in the market today offers our proposition of robust analytics, a powerful document generator, full automation – all for a fixed price. We think Ascend is perfectly suited to meet the continued growth in ticket volume driven by new technology in the structured products market.”

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