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How dispersion products work

A recent trend across some structured products markets is the increase in number of dispersion products that have been issued. One of...

How PRIIPs metrics have moved in 2020

Across Europe, the retail investments industry (comprising structured products, funds and insurance investments) awaits ESMA’s...

Decrement indices and structured products

Most retail structured products link to equity underlyings and in most cases the natural vehicle is an index. A flagship index...

Structured products in falling markets

2020 has seen dramatic falls in all major markets. This started in February and accelerated in March as the global economy took fright...

Credit linked products in 2019

Credit linked products continue to occupy an important niche in structured products markets and sales in 2019 year to date have...

When stock products can outperform index linked

The use of single stocks, and worst-of combinations of stocks continues to attract attention and make up a significant proportion of...

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