PRIIPs Calculations

  • Instant PRIIPs calculations on self-use platform
  • Follows current Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) for all calculations
  • Category 2 and Category 3 both supported

In January 2018 the landmark European wide PRIIPs regulation came into force requiring the production of a Key Information Document (KID) for all retail investments into the EU. This regulation covers funds, structured products and insurance products. The KID must contain a risk rating, performance scenarios and cost calculations as well as narratives and basic investment information.

FVC has followed and implemented the full calculation and simulation methodology as required by the RTS in order to produce the outputs for the KID. We have full capability to cover both funds and structured products (Category 2 and Category 3 as defined by the RTS). The calculations and the explanations in the RTS are complex and we have had frequent dialogue with clients and industry contacts to establish accepted practice and different interpretations so that clients can run the calculations consistent with their own preferences and intentions while being aware of how their peers are dealing with similar issues.

The FVC PRIIPs calculation service has been incorporated into our stress testing plaform so that both sets of calculations can be run together for client convenience and resulting in reduced execution time and effort. This also enables us to cover new asset classes and product types for both services very rapidly. For more details on Stress testing, please click here.


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