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Future Value Consultants Limited specialises in the analysis, pricing and risk management of structured products
Our award winning independent valuation service gives our clients the ability to obtain independent pricing and track their structured products portfolios.

In recent years there has been a general trend for greater accounting and auditing disclosure of derivative positions driven by IAS39, MiFID and other directives. As a result, many institutions now have a need for regular independent valuations.

These requirements can be handled by FVC independent valuations services. With a sound knowledge of the derivative and structured products markets, models of investment banking quality and accurate up-to-date market pricing data FVC can supply regular valuations to its clients on a wide variety of product types.

This service has been re-launched in 2016 powered by the market-leading Numerix software suite.
  Stress testing is now a regulatory requirement in the UK for structured product manufacturers, providers and distributors.

We have now launched our powerful online system for the generation and management of stress test reports for institutional clients.

The regulatory environment has fundamentally changed for the structured products industry globally and affects issuers, distributors, advisers and brokers. Relevant regulation includes that from the FCA, ESAs, FINRA/SEC and in many other jurisdictions.

Product intervention has become a focus for Regulators and robust governance must now be evidenced at much earlier points in the product life cycle.
  FVC Research is the UK's leading service for structured products analysis for IFAs and other professionals with over 5000 registered professional users, with approximately 4150 featured product reports.

Started in 1999, this service features authoritative yet easy to read reviews of currently available structured products incorporating our exclusive and widely used scoring and riskmap ratings.

This service is relied upon by financial adviser companies and individuals in order to satisfy their compliance obligations in structured products.

The service includes easy product selection and filtering as well as frequently updated index performance tables.
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