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Defensive and step down auto-calls

Auto-calls remain very popular in most structured products markets. When this product type first appeared the most common treatment...

The use of smart beta in structured products

ETFs have been consistently taking market share on mutual funds as lower cost passive investments. ETFs typically track indices as...

How long dated structured products work

In most retail structured products markets long dated products can be defined to be those longer than six years. There are certain...

Advanced portfolio techniques for structured products

The key properties of most structured products are generally acknowledged as capital protection and yield enhancement. On a simple...

Advisers: manage client risk and grow your business!

Financial services is a tough business and financial advice is a tough business. We know that there is ever present competition,...

How Structured Funds work

Structured products remain popular because of their defined returns and ability to produce tailored risk profiles and targeted...

Fixed Indexed Annuities in the US market

The US Fixed Indexed Annuity market continues to attract interest and a variety of different offerings are available today. This...

Great timing: How to issue products to best effect

In all active structured product markets there is a continuous issuance cycle from participating product providers, indeed the regular...

How structured products beat funds, bonds and cash

The FVC Structured Edge research service for IFAs covers the whole of the UK structured product market. It has been running since 1999...

Issuer callable products in the retail market

UK distributor IDAD has brought to market two callable products in the last few months. These have been reviewed on the More